The Conductor of the Orchestra Does not Play

Yesterday … I went to a concert. It was a real classic. I mean, it was a classical orchestra with violins, cellos … In fact there appeared to be four groups of instruments;

  • Strings, with violins, violas, cellos and double basses
  • Wood-winds, with flutes, clarinets and bassoons
  • Brass, with French horns and trumpets
  • And Percussion

As it was late and I was tired, the instruments changed before my eyes and before I new it I was back to work. Wondering about this new solution we were working at. A question came to my mind;

What kind of problems do you "need " in order to implement workflow management?

The sound of the violins faded away. The French horn took over.

We had many application. Too many. And this was only the beginning of a long period in which we would have much more. Our company was growing and new activities demanded new teams and systems. In the mean time the existing systems where still profitable.

There was this problem however. At the front office, clients could be helped all the way. The agent needed to check some information he could not control. It was outside his reach. It became apparent that all the different parts of the organization were playing their own music.

"If I was a client," I thought, "Would I hear one and the same concerto, the way I do now, listening to this orchestra?"

How could we arrange our business that it appears an orchestra when listening from the client side?

"Life inside an organization would probably conduct itself less easily," I reckoned, "but something in the area of ​​a conducting (this complex orchestra) might very well be part of the solution."

© 2006 Hans Bool

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Give Your Business a Cash Infusion

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Forex Broker Comparisons

Forex brokers are companies or institutions that offer a range of forex services like management of forex accounts and execution of orders. A trader needs to be very careful while choosing a broker.

There are many websites that help new traders compare and choose a broker that can provide the services they need. There are many factors depending on how one compares the broker's criteria for points like what is the minimum deposit required, maximum leverage, spread of major currencies, commissions charged, number of pairs offered, and are mini accounts available?

Minimum deposits required varies from company to company, and can range anywhere from $ 100 to $ 10,000. Leverage is the ratio of the money present in the account of the trader to the amount that opened the account. The allowed leverage makes a big difference while trading in the real market. The difference between sell quote and buy quote is known as spread. Sell ​​quote is the price at which the base currency can be sold, and the buy quote is the price at which it can be bought.

Some brokers choose not to charge commissions. This must be determined before signing up with a broker. The past performance of the broker and the word of mouth from other traders must also be considered. A trader must compare the services offered by the broker. Constant updates and newsletters on market trends are services that must be provided to you by the broker. The reliability of the broker is of utmost importance. Many brokers insure their customer's funds against any mishap. Also, the margin requirement or the deposit required for opening or maintaining a position must be checked. For small time investors, many brokers offer mini forex accounts. This is another area of ​​comparison.

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Fantasy Baseball Report: News You Need Now

* The BIG news of the week is the Yankees acquisition of OF Bobby Abreu and SP Corey Lidle from the Philadelphia Phillies. I might be the first and only person who thinks Bobby Abreu is a bust, not only in Fantasy, but also on the playing field. Abreu had more HR's in the HR derby last year, then he did all of the second half of last year, and to this point this year. A guy who consistently was a 30-30 guy, does not even have 10 HR's this year, somthings not right here. Abreu goes from Citizen Bank Park, considered by most to be a very friendly hitters park, where he hit just .267-5 HR-35 RBI-33 R-11 SB, to the short porch at Yankee Stadium. Will this help the struggling Abreu? My bet is no. Thank goodness, OBP does not factor into Fantasy Baseball, because that's all Abreu seems to have. Lidle is a guy too, who I think will struggle going from the NL to the AL. Lidle, over his last 3 years does not quiet have "Yankee" numbers. He's averaging 12 wins and 13 loses, and a whopping 5.042 era. Some think that the Yankees lineup will carry him, but I do not think he'll be any better then Jaret Wright.

* Chipper Jones is heading to the DL again. After straining his left oblique Friday night against the Mets, Jones, who prior to getting hurt was having an awesome second half of the season, will have to wait until mid-August before he comes off the DL. Fantasy Owners must love his production, but down the stretch he's no help on the DL

* Nomar Garciaparra heads to the DL with a strained ligament in his right knee. Bad news for Garciaparra owners, but is this really a surprise. There is a bright side to this. Garciaparra, who qualifies at 1B, gives owners plenty of options to pluck a quality 1B off the waiver.

* Scott Kazmir, who has inflammation in his left rotator cuff, will be put on the DL this week. Kazmir who was slated to have 2 starts this week, will force Fantasy Owners to look for a replacement. Kazmir, 10-7 on season, is going to be a hard to replace. Look to replace him with a SP that has a low era or whip.

* Remember All-Star 2B Jose Lopez of the Seattle Mariners. The kid was having an excellent season prior to the All-Star break. Since the All-Star break Lopez is batting .158 (6-38) and has not had an extra base hit. A nice surprise in the first half of the season, but it's time to look for a new option at 2B.

* Dan Kolb's tenure as the Brewers closer has come to an end. Brewers manager, Ed Yost said the he would split time at the closers spot between Derrick Turnbow, and newly acquired Francisco Cordero until either one of them proves they could keep the spot. Nothing like good old fashion competition.

* Although Jason Jennings WL (6-9) record does not show the quality pitcher he really is, Fantasy Owners are starting to take notice. Over Jennings last 7 games, he's only given up more then 2 runs once, is averaging 7 innings a start, and 6 K's a game. Wins are great in fantasy, but keeping your era and whip down is key as well.

* Ben Sheets, after being on the DL for most of the year, got his first win since coming off the DL this past week. In his second start since coming off the DL, Sheets had 10 K's and only walked one, while picking up the win. Sheets will be a nice pickup for the remember of the season. Scourer the waiver wires and make sure he ends up on your team.

* After being traded to the Brewers, Kevin Mench has to be extremely happy. Here's a guy who was having a hard time getting into Texas's lineup everyday even with the numvers he was putting up. Now, Mench will be batting 4th for the Brewers which will give him plenty of RBI chances.

* Ivan Rodriguez missed his 4th straight game on Sunday due to a bruised right thumb. Rodriguez contends that the thumb is getting better, but that it's still bothering him. Hold him back until he shows he completely ready to go.



whoshot whosnot

With 10 RBI in two games, it was an easy choice as to who my Who's Hot player of the Week award would go to, Carlos Beltran of the Mets. Beltran not only helped the Mets to their first sweep of the Atlanta Braves since 1985, but helped propel his Fantasy Owners to victory with his monster week. Beltran ended the week with a .385-5 HR-15 RBI-7 Runs-2 SB. Fantastic Fantasy stats for a player, who at this point last year, was no better then a number 3 Outfielder.

At one point this season, Hanley Ramirez was listed on my Rookie Watch. Since that time Ramirez has hit a brick wall. Ramirez is only batting .208 (11-53) since the All-Star break and has been moved to the bottom of the order for the Florida Marlins. Ramirez's is no better then a back up now, with more viable options on the waiver. Replace this guy as fast as you can, you'll thank me later.


John Smoltz leads this weeks 2 Start Studs with games at Philadelphia and Cincinnati. Smoltz who has not lost in his last 9 starts, has had quality starts in his last 6 games. In his last outing against Philadelphia, Smoltz studordudwent 7 innings, gave up 7 hits, and also gave up 2 HR's. Look for Smoltz to be solid this week as Atlanta comes off the sweep to the Mets.

Chris Capuano has struggled of late, but with games at Colorado and St. Louis, I'm looking for him to bounce back this week. Now, I know when you look at who and where he's playing, you're thinking I must be crazy, but Capuano, even though he's been roughed up, is the type of pitcher who'll bounce back.

Since the All-Star break, Brad Penny has been getting crushed. Having to face the St. Louis Cardinals twice will do that to a pitcher. Even though Penny is on the road twice this week, he has a better era on the road (3.36) then at home (3.69). With both games being at night, this is a clear advantage for Penny who has almost a 3 run difference in era. Look for Penny to bounce back this week to help out his Fantasy Owners.

Kenny Rogers is coming off his 1st loss since May 28th against the Cleveland Indians. In that game, Rogers did not make it out of the 1st inning, and gave up 7 runs. I look at it this way, he should be refresh right? His first game this week is against the Tampa Bay Devils and Casey Fossom. In his previous start against the Devil Rays, Rogers went 8 innings, giving up 4 hits, and 1 run. I look for more of the same this week. Rogers' second game is against the team that slammed him last week, the Cleveland Indians. I look for Rogers to redeem himself with a strong start against the Indians.

Noah Lowry finishes off this 2 Start Stud lineup. Lowry intrigues me because both of his games are at home where Lowry has a 3.90 era. In his first start against the Washington Nationals, Lowry faces Pedro Astacio, a guy who has been getting knocked around the park. Later in the week Lowry goes against Aaron Cook and the Colorado Rockies, a team who's only hitting .208 against him. Lowry's a sleeper, and with some SP's going on the DL, his a great replacement for this week.

When there are Stud there has to be Duds. The next 5 SP are guys I see as having bad weeks, and why.

Bronson Arroyo, has looked his worst of late since being traded from the Boston RedSox. When Arroyo first arrived, he was lights out. Now, he's just struggling. In his last 2 starts, Arroyo has given up 5 HR in 14.2 innings, but on the bright side he has struck out 15 batters. I'd lay off Arroyo this week as he travels to Los Angeles to face the Dodgers who have been hot, and then against the Arizona Diamondback's.

CC Sabathia has never beaten the Boston RedSox in his career, and what makes it worse for CC, is that he'll be on the road against one of the hottest hitting team in baseball right now. To add to those problems, Sabathia is 0-3 in his last 3 starts. In those 3 starts Sabathia has surrendered 28 hits, ouch, bye-bye whip. Sit Sabathia this week, there's no reason to make things worse for your team.

Mark Prior is still having body problems. Now it's just not the arm, but the leg, hip, and toe too. Prior was once a diamond in the rough for Fantasy Owners, now it's just rough to watch him get slammed all over the park. Prior does have favorable starts this week, but I'm just not sold on him being health and getting out of the 5th. Until he shows you that he's "FIT" I'd sit him.

Ian Snell has quietly had a nice season (9-6), but this week he goes up against the Atlanta Braves, who coming off a sweep at home, throw their ace, John Smoltz. Snell is a nice story this year for Fantasy Owners, but do not be fooled with his two starts this week. Sit'em until next week.

Paul Bryd, love the way this guy throws, to bad he has to face the Boston RedSox and Detroit Tigers, both on the road. In his last 2 starts, Byrd has given up 20 hits, not something you look for out of your SP. Late the man sit on your bench this week, so he does not destroy whats left of your era and whip.


This weeks Start'em Lineup, starts with one of the best in the game right now, Joe Mauer. This kid, a catcher, is leading the AL in hitting, and if he continues he tear of AL pitchers, he'll be the first catcher to have won the batting title since 1942 when Ernie Lombardi did it with Boston. Mauer startem sitem faces the Texas Rangers and Kansas City Royals this week, and has had mild success against both teams. Look for Mauer to have another outstanding week.

Nick Markakis is a rookie outfielder for the Baltimore Orioles and is a guy you need to know about. Over his last 2 weeks, this kid has done nothing, well except hit .421, with a .488 OBP. A rising star, and I do not expect the sun to set at time soon.

Mark Teahan, there's that name again. I told you a few weeks ago to keep on eye on this 3B from Kansas City. Since that time Teahan has hit .326, 3 HR's, 11 RBI, 10 Runs, and 2 SB. Not bad for a kid no one knew about huh. This week Teahan will have to be a star for his team, as the Kansas City Royals play host to two of the best in the AL right now, the Chicago White Sox and Minnesota Twins. I look for Teahan to remain hot, since the All-Star break he's hitting .327 with 5 HR and 16 RBI.

When you start the season as the teams "Utility" guy, you get overlooked in most drafts. That's exactly what happened to Bill Hall of the Brewers. Bill makes a return trip to the Start'em lineup because his hitting .341 with 7 HR's, 17 RBI, and 12 Runs over his last 12 games. Not bad numbers for a "Utility" guy. Hall this week, will head to Colorado and St. Louis and will continue his hitting attack, make sure you've got him in your starting lineup.

Remember this guy, a little known catcher named Mike Piazza. Ya, the guy who used to hit towering HR's for the New York Mets. Well, Piazza now plays for the San Diego Padres, no he did not retire Geeks. Not only did not he retire, but Piazza had been hitting the cover off the ball. In his last 10 games, Piazza is hitting .394 (13-33) with 3 HR's. Piazza is still a nice option at catcher for Fantasy Owners.

These next 5 guys, are going to be guys your going to want to look at sitting this week because of their tough schedule.

Luis Castillo lead this Sit'em team only because he has to face 6 SP who are lefties. Castillo, who's hitting .238 against lefties this year, will not fair well this week. If you need steals though, and are desperate and have no other option, I'd leave Castillo in your starting lineup. But, if you have the chance to snag someone off the waiver wire at 2B, I'd do it now.

The Captain of the Boston RedSox, Jason Varitek, like Castillo, has difficulties against lefties. Varitek is hitting .213 against lefties this year, and will have to face 4 lefties this week. With a .235 average over his last 10 games, this looks like a great week to find a catcher off the waiver wire. Bench Varitek this week, and thank me next week.

Todd Helton is flat out terrible. This guy was the darling of Fantasy baseball when the balls were flying out of the park. Now, he's no better then anyone else on the waiver wire. A complete disappointment to Fantasy Owners, Helton needs to be dropped in most leagues. Over his last 12 games he's batting .261 with 0 HR and only 3 RBI. Not bad for a # 3 guy in the lineup. That's why Manager Clint Hurdle has dropped him in the order, and so should you, drop him.

Johnny Gomes was once the prince of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays outfielder, now he's just another Tampa Bay Devil Ray. Gomes over his last 12 games is hitting an outstanding .089. Man what a sweet number that is, .089. He's a guy that you're going to have to put on the bench, because there are several other options out there. Thanks Johnny for making my team great in the first two months of the season, so I have to boot you, so Geeks do the same, and give Johnny the boot.

Ken Griffey Jr, like Ahmad Rashad who'd say, "My Man". Well Griffey used to be. Now, he's just a fading star trying to make it through another season. Griffey's been batting .170 over his last 11 games, and it will not get any easier for him as he faces the Los Angeles Dodgers and Atlanta Braves. If you have any better options in the OF, use them this week, and put, or keep Griffey on the bench.

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How to Avoid Failure of Software Project

A successful software project is completed on time and on budget, with all features and functions as envisaged. Challenged software project is completed and operational but it exceeds budget, time estimate and works with fewer features and functions than originally conceived. Impaired software project gets canceled at some point during the development cycle.

A research suggests that 16.2% projects are successful, 52.7% software projects are challenged and 31.1% are impaired software project.

One should concentrate on the following points to enjoy the success

  1. User involvement
  2. Executive management support
  3. Clear statements of requirements
  4. Proper planning
  5. Realistic expectations
  6. Smaller project milestones
  7. Competent staff
  8. Ownership
  9. Clear vision and objectives
  10. Hard working and focused staff
  11. One should avoid the following reasons for failure

The development team did not posses the matching skill set and experience

  1. Lack of involvement of users during the development process
  2. Payment was not related to productivity
  3. Frequent change in the development team
  4. Absence of modular structure in design
  5. Poor HR management
  6. Lack of sense of ownership among the users
  7. The changing needs and requirements of the users were not addressed
  8. Lack of proper documentation
  9. Lack of proper distribution of roles and responsibilities
  10. Improper test planning
  11. Poor requirement management
  12. Poor data design
  13. Improper choice of technology
  14. Inadequate management support
  15. Poor management vision
  16. Poor project communication
  17. Inadequate user training
  18. Frequent change in the user team
  19. System not user friendly
  20. Conflict among stakeholder

All these reasons for failure can be categorized in to four different chunks

In house capability

The development team did not posses the matching skill set and experience, absence of modular structure in design, poor data design, inadequate user training, improper choice of technology

Client commitment

Lack of involvement of users during the development process, lack of sense of ownership among the users, payment was not related to productivity, conflict among stakeholders, frequent change in the user team.

Project management

Poor HR management, lack of proper distribution of roles and responsibilities, inadequate management support, poor management vision, poor project communication, improper test planning, Lack of proper documentation, frequent change in the development team.

Requirement Management

The changing needs and requirements of the user were not addressed, system not user friendly, poor requirement analysis and management.

All these points should be treated as a first step.

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A Weatherproof Outdoor Rocking Chair is a Necessity

Do not buy a cheap substitute; make sure your weatherproof outdoor rocking chair will really stand up to the seasons. If you keep your outdoor rocking chair in your garden or other exposed area, it is important that you get a good weatherproof rocking chair. If you buy a chair that is just weather resistant it will probably only last a year or two before it begins to give in to the weather.

A true weatherproof chair will last for several years even if it is constantly being exposed to the elements. You can keep your garden rocker out all year round without worrying about possible damage from the weather. With a weatherproof garden rocking chair you will be able to enjoy those occasional warm winter days without having to drag your furniture out from the garage.

Lawn furniture needs to be made durable and weatherproof. But unfortunately many manufacturers worry more about the look of the furniture than how durable it is going to be. Untreated wood is a common material for garden and lawn furniture, but this raw wood will not last long if it is not protected from the weather. Many people buy untreated wooden rocking chairs because they are less expensive than treated wood. Unfortunately, no one ever informs them that their chair will not last long if it is not protected from the weather.

An alternative to untreated wood is painted or weather treated wood. This extends the durability of the rocking chair and can make the chair weatherproof. Some people will prime and paint the untreated wood and that will help it last several more years. A water sealant can also be added to untreated wood, but will have to be reapplied every year.

A great new option in weatherproofing is rocking chairs made from recycled plastic materials. These chairs are more durable than any wood. They stand up to weather year round without any maintenance. This recycled plastic material is extremely durable and rocking chairs made from it will last many years longer than treated wood.

The smooth feel of the recycled plastic is also very appealing. You do not have to worry about getting splinters or slivers in your legs when you are wearing shorts. Plus it is just so much nicer to run your hands along the smooth handrails of a recycled plastic chair as compared to the rough edges of a natural wood chair.

Buying an outdoor rocking chair takes time and you should do research before making such a large purchase. Although cost is always important to consumers, so should the rocking chairs ability to last through the winter. Buying an inexpensive chair that will only last one year is not going to save you money in the long run. Instead, invest in a good quality weatherproof chair that will last you for many years to come. The additional up front cost will soon be offset.

Recycled plastic may be a little more expensive but it will pay off in the long run. Consider buying a recycled plastic material rocking chair if you really want to make your purchase last!

Source by Mike Jerry

Itchy Skin Relief – Natural Remedy Worked Perfectly for my Itchy Skin!

I know the feeling how terrible itchy skin is and makes you feel frustrated.

I had been suffering from allergies since my childhood. Asthma, sinusitis, skin problems especially for itchy skin for a long time.

I grew up in Tokyo, Japan and every winter season, I had to go to see a doctor to get some drugs and treatment cream for the itchy skin.

During spring season, I was suffering from my hay fever, and during autumn season my asthma always appeared.

Going to see doctors and taking drugs were two of my life's habit.

However, all the drugs worked only in the beginning, and I needed to take them often to kill the itch and other allergies.

Especially, while I was sleeping, the itches made me crazy because the drugs and cream did not help me.

I could not stop scratching everywhere even though I knew it would make it worse.

I had no idea that I could cure my itchy skin.

I moved to St. Louis, MO in the USA after I got married about 4 years ago and while I was there, I did not have to take any drugs for my itchy skin. Maybe St. louis weather fit me.

However, my husband had been suffering from his hay fever during autum to winter season for a long time since he moved to St, louis for his work.

It seems St. louis is one of the worst places for allergy patients. So we decided to moved to Tucson, AZ a year later because we heard about Tucson is a good place for hay fever and allergies.

We took a road trip to move to Tucson and soon after we arrived at Sedona, AZ, my itchy skin reappeared because Arizona is desert place and it's very dry.

I needed to buy skin moisturizng lotion there and without that, I could'nt sleep.

Putting Moisturizing lotions was not really comfortable, It makes your skinfeel really sticky and also it did not work enough.
But I often had to put on the moisturizing lotions because it's better than nothing.

My husband also got itchy skin since our italy trip. And it got worse and worse even after we came back from our trip.

We tried many kind of relief, but they all did not work.

Aloe is famous for skin problem so we tried it but it also did not help our itchy skin.

Our skin rashes were getting worse and worse, because we could not stop scratching.

How we cured our Itchy skin?

While we were suffering from our itchy skin problem, I got serious lung problem in June.

I could'nt breathe deeply because of the pain. It was really serious. I was afraid I need to have an operation for it. And I did not want to go to a hospital because I did not want to take drug and wanted to fix with natural way since I read about natural remedies.

My husband rushed to a library to find out if there was any natural cure and he bought several combinations of herbs on his way home.

Then I took the herbs he recommended.

and in the next day, my lung problem was gone!

We both were really shocked!

Since then my husband started researching more about the power of herbs, and testing many kind of herbs.

Within 2 months, he discovered an amazing herb formula. Since he tested one of the herb,

his itchy skin was gone within a day!

So I also tried it.

Yes! It worked perfectly!
How nice we can sleep without any itchy feeling!
We do not have to use skin moisturizng lotion any more.

There is no info saying that this herb works for itchy skin.

It was by accident my husband found that herb.
He continued researching more about the natural remedies because he also wanted to cure his hay fever and a year later, finally he could discover his original strong hay fever natural remedy cure.

Now we both are having a very healthy life.
I had been suffering from my health problem a long time, so I can really say without health, we can not have happy life.

Natural remedies work! You just have to take correct ones.
If you are interested in curing your itchy skin immediately, you can check here.

Source by Keiko Entwistle

Is your Digital Camera Compatible With Your Computer?

So you recently bought a digital camera or perhaps your thinking about it. And perhaps you may be wondering how many pictures will your computer hold? First you need to answer a few questions to come to an accurate conclusion. First, how big is your hard drive and how much free space does it currently have? You can find the answer to that question by first left-clicking on "My Computer:" Right-click on "C drive." A menu should appear. Left-click on "Properties." A pie chart should be displayed that will show you the size of the hard drive and how much of the disk drive is free. Your next step is too know how many mega pixels does your camera have? A pixel is a light sensing cell on the image pickup device.

The higher number of pixels, the higher the resolution or picture quality of the camera. A higher pixel number will also require more storage space in your camera and computer for a picture. How much storage does each picture need? If you have a 2M pixel camera, a high resolution picture will require storage in the range of 500kb. Two 500 kb pictures would occupy 1 MB. If that one picture requires 500kB of storage, you should be able to store 2000 pictures of that size in 1 gigabyte of disk space. I usually store my pictures in one folder in my computer called "Camera Pics" and then create sub-folders within that folder with different names depending on the occasion the pictures were taken at for easy reference later on.

Most camera manufacturers will provide software to allow you to transfer and edit pictures from your camera. But some of that software is not the easiest to install and operate. There are a few ways to do the transfer without the camera software. If your camera has a memory card, you can buy a memory card reader and use it to read the pictures from your camera. The memory card reader plugs into a free USB connector on your computer. When you plug a memory card into the memory reader, you should notice a new hard drive on "My Computer."

Your computer will consider the memory device to be a hard drive and will allow you to manage pictures as if they were files on a hard drive. Many new cameras are directly supported by Microsoft XP If you plug a USB cable into the camera and a USB slot on the computer, you might discover that your computer knows how to read the pictures off the camera. Digital cameras offer an economical way to get into photography. After you pay for the camera, it does not cost anything to take pictures. You just need a computer to allow you to view and save your pictures. After you have saved a bunch of pictures in your computer, I suggest you to transfer them to a CD or DVD. If you do not, someday you may lose all your pictures if your computer ever crashes.

One other thing you need to be aware of is that older computers will have a hard time working the large megapixel cameras that are being produced today. If you have an older computer and go out and buy yourself a 8 or 10 megapixel camera, you may suddenly find you that you may have to buy a new computer too, or at least upgrade the one you have. The hefty picture files that are created by these large megapixel cameras use a tremendous amount of computer memory and can cause an incompatible computer a lot of problems.

The average needs of most people really do not require a large megapixel digital camera unless you plan on printing large photos. So it is best to keep this general rule in mind when considering a digital camera. A typical 2-megapixel camera will produce a very good 4 x 6 inch image using a typical desktop color inkjet printer. With a 4 -megapixel camera, you can turn out a very good 8 x 10 print, which is the largest print anyone who is not a professional is likely to need.

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Bodybuilding Supplements

When it comes to gaining body mass, bodybuilding supplements are the most powerful weapons for in any natural muscle-developing program that you can use effectively which come in an array of options ranging from whey protein to glutamine and protein bars.

Most Professional trainers and fitness consultants agree protein is the staple supplement for bodybuilders and other athletes because of its wide number of benefits. In fact, whey protein is a complex ingredient made up of fat, minerals lactose and protein, which is its best component.

The protein in whey is made up or several smaller protein subfractions including bovine serum albumin (BSA), alpha-lactalbumin, glycomacropeptides, peptides, immunoglobulins (IgGs), Beta-lactoglobulin and other minor peptides such as lactoperoxidases, lysozyme and lactoferrin.

Furthermore, each of those protein subfractions found in whey has at the same time its own unique biological properties found recently because before modern filtering technology it was impossible, prohibitively and expensive doing it on a large scale for research purposes.

Creatine and Glutamine are basic for bodybuilding along with protein and perhaps some weight gainers depending on the body mass to work out, with additional benefits. Protein subfractions also prevent various diseases, improves immunity and overall health.

Protein powders have evolved from low protein to very high protein isolates required to building blocks of muscle.

There are other types of proteins such as casein protein, soy protein and egg protein but bodybuilders prefer whey, protein bars, protein powders, creatine and glutamine that generally can be purchased in different products according to each individual's requirements.

Trainers recommend the use of whey protein within the first 45 minutes after workouts to allow proper absorption of the protein, while creatine is an amino acid considered the fuel source for ATP, the energy system used by athletes for short bursts of power.

The component of skeletal muscle discovered in 1832 by French scientist Michel Eugène Chevreul later named creatine after the Greek word for flesh (Kreas). In the human body creatine is found in muscle and it is the energy source for muscle contraction.

However it was not until 1912 when researchers found that ingesting creatine boosts the creatine content of the muscle, and in the late 1920's that the intramuscular stores of creatine increases by ingesting creatine in larger than normal amounts.

On the other hand, glutamine is one of the 20 amino acids encoded by the standard genetic code used in nutrition therapy and also considered to be a brain fuel and used therapeutically for alcoholism and mild depression.

Whether you choose, whey protein, creatine, glutamine, or protein powders, Protein Bars include at least one of them in your daily workout bodybuilding program.

Source by Natalie Aranda

Why Organic Cotton?

Organic cotton begins with living soil. This means the soil has not had any chemicals used in it for at least three years and it has been enriched with compost and other organic matter. Enriching the soil in this way ensures vigorous plants which in turn means they will be better able to be bug, weed and disease resistant. Cotton plants need huge amounts of nitrogen; so organic cotton farmers use chicken manure or plant cover crops of Vetch or Fava Beans all of which supplies the cotton plants with the desired nitrogen. These replace synthetic fertilizers that are harmful. Organic farmers also make sure they have "good bugs" in their fields. These do not harm the cotton; they prey on the "bad bugs" that would harm the cotton plants. These "bad bugs" are the reason that regular cotton farmers feel the need to use chemical sprays. How much better it is to use natural ways of controlling them! Weeds are managed by mechanical or hand-hoeing methods. When it is harvest time the cotton is handpicked!

The processing of organic cotton is done with potato starch instead of chemicals. No chlorine is used. When spinning the organic cotton fiber, natural easily biodegradable oil is used. No finishes are added! It comes to you pure! Being chemical free can be a life and death matter!

Cotton is a very versatile fiber and almost any type of fabric can be made from it. It conducts heat well and soaks up to 27 times its weight in water. It is also very comfortable and durable. Think how important all these qualities are when it comes to your bedding and clothing!

Source by Kristine Peterson